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5 Warning Signs You Need a New Mattress

Is your mattress starting to sag, make noise, and not feel as comfortable as it once did? Here are some of the top signs that investing in a new, good quality mattress may be best for your health and well-being.

It’s very easy for mattress stores to promise you a good night’s sleep. Delivering on that promise night after night is what sets iGel apart from everyone else. If you are looking for a high quality mattress that will give you the best night’s rest, you may want to opt for an IntelliBED® Gel Matrix mattress because it:

  • Helps you remain at a comfortable temperature all night, leading to a better sleep
  • Has no toxic materials, so it won’t compromise your health
  • Can last you for many years and comes with a 20-year industry leading guarantee
  • Reduces body aches and pains

The IntelliBED® Mattress Offers The Best Sleep Thanks to Its Gel Matrix™ Technology

At iGEL Bed Co, our mattress store offers quality and medical-grade mattresses in Calgary to help make sleep the best part of your day. Our revolutionary Gel Matrix™ mattress offers greater comfort than memory foam ones and was built with your well-being in mind.

If you’re looking to achieve quality and restorative sleep that will benefit your physical and mental health, and improve your quality of life, then our mattress is the best choice for you!

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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Mattress

A good and healthy tomorrow starts with a quality night’s sleep, but what if your current mattress is no longer giving you the best rest? Here are 5 key signs that it’s time to invest in a new mattress:

  1. Your mattress is sagging: The most obvious sign that you need a new mattress is that it has become uneven, or is sagging in certain areas. This is a good indication that it’s no longer providing you with the support you need when you sleep, and buying a new mattress is best for your health and comfort.
  1. It’s noisy: Your bed shouldn’t be loud, even when you are tossing and turning. If you can feel displaced springs, or you hear grinding metal, it means that the foundation of your mattress is no longer strong.
  1. You’re stiff and sore when you wake up: Poor sleep can contribute to chronic back pain. If you wake up and you’re stiff and sore, your mattress could be part of the problem. How do you know? If your back pain is worse when you wake up, but then subsides when you stretch and move around, that’s a sign that the mattress is contributing to the pain.
  1. You’re waking up more tired than usual: If you aren’t feeling well-rested when you wake up, and you don’t suffer from health symptoms such as sleep apnea, then it could mean that an old mattress is the real cause.
  1. You’re more comfortable sleeping elsewhere. If you find that you’re getting a better sleep in a different bed, or on the sofa, then it’s time for a new mattress. Your bed should be the most comfortable place in the house and it should make you feel relaxed and recharged for the next day.

3 Ways to Fix a Bad Mattress

Do you have a feeling that your mattress is old, but you’re not ready to invest in a brand new one at the moment? Here are some ways of fixing a bad mattress:

1. Use a Mattress Topper

You can extend the life of your mattress by approximately a year if you add a mattress topper. This works to smooth out any dips and sags, and provides extra cushion and support.

Tip: Make sure to look for one that doesn’t trap your body heat so your sleep will be comfortable and cool.


2. Invest in a Mattress Cover

If you’re suffering from allergies due to an old mattress, you can create a barrier between yourself and those dust mites by adding a mattress cover to your bed. Some even have extra padding to make your mattress more comfortable.

Tip: Make sure to get a mattress cover that is waterproof to prevent even more moisture from sinking down into the bed.


3. Buy a New Pillow

The right pillow can work wonders. If you feel yourself dipping down into the surface, relieve the pressure by placing a pillow between your knees for side sleeping. If you’re more of a back sleeper, put the pillow underneath your knees to give you a bit of lift and take the strain off of your lower back.


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