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7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Mattress Topper

Looking for a topper to extend the life of your current mattress? Be sure to get something right for your sleep, health, and comfort. Here are 7 tips to think of when searching for the right mattress topper.

Everybody wants their mattress to be the most comfortable and affordable one possible. However, the realities of life sometimes prevent this. One way around replacing an unsatisfactory mattress is to go with a mattress topper. There are many different reasons why you might want a new mattress topper, including:

  • Improved comfort
  • It can restore life to your old mattress
  • More affordable than purchasing a new mattress
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Can reduce the risk of allergies

If you are in the market for a new topper, here are 7 factors to consider.

Get the Sleep You Deserve With Our High-Quality Mattresses and Toppers

At our Calgary Mattress Store, we have used scientific methods and state-of-the-art materials to develop mattresses and toppers that will provide you with a restful sleep. We are so confident that you will love our beds, that we offer an industry-leading 20-year warranty on our products.

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7 Things You Should Think About Before Getting a New Mattress Topper

1. Topper Material

While many people tend to think that memory foam toppers are the only option out there, this isn't the case at all! There are many different types of mattress toppers available, including:

  • Feather: Feather toppers may seem old school, yet they can be effective if you like a soft, hot feeling at a low price.
  • Wool: Yes, wool toppers exist. They can be incredibly comfortable if you prefer soft material. An extra benefit is that they will keep you warm in the winter but also cool in the summer. The trouble is that they are expensive and can be challenging to find.
  • Memory Foam: This is what most toppers are made out of. Yes, they can be comfortable, but they often lack proper support and can be incredibly hot. Additionally, memory foam is made from harsh chemicals that can impact your respiratory health.
  • Gel: Gel toppers offer supreme comfort, support, cooling technology, incredible durability and are free of harmful chemicals. Check out our IntelliBED® Gel Topper to learn more about this option!

2. Size of Topper

Obviously, you want to have a mattress topper that fits precisely to the size of your mattress. If it is too big, it can hang over the sides of your bed and easily slide off. If the topper is too small, you will be shrinking the sleeping area for you or your partner. Be sure to measure out the size of each topper to ensure an optimal fit.

3. Price-Quality Spectrum

If you don't want to fork over the extra money for an entirely new mattress, a topper is an excellent affordable alternative. Many people think that because something is more affordable, it will be less comfortable than a more pricey mattress. This is not the case. Just because something is more expensive, does not necessarily mean that it will be more comfortable for you.

We are all different and prefer different levels of softness, support, heat, and material types. What the price of a topper indicates is how high of quality the topper is. A more expensive topper will be of higher quality and likely be more durable, while a lower cost topper can still be comfy, it may just not last as long.

4. Body Heat Regulation

The material of your topper will have a significant impact on your temperature level. If you, like most others, prefer to be cool and comfortable, the best option for you is a Gel Mattress with cooling technology.

5. Thickness of Topper

Typically, toppers come between 2 to 8 inches (5-20 cm) in thickness. The right thickness of topper for you will depend on your preference of a few criteria such as:

  • Sleeping position
  • Body size and weight
  • Preferred height of the bed
  • Level of support required

If you find that you need a thicker topper to be comfortable, you may need to replace your entire mattress to get the comfort you deserve.

6. Allergen-Free

Certain materials are better for allergies than others. One of the most obvious examples of this is with memory foam and feather toppers. The materials used in these are common materials that people tend to feel allergic to or are bothered by. Check out our guide on finding the right non-toxic, allergen-free mattress.

7. Comfort and Support

At the end of the day, this is the most essential aspect of a topper. While other factors on this list may be just recommendations, your comfort and body support is what you should care the most about. Be sure to try your topper before committing to it. At iGel Bed Co, we offer 120 day trial periods on our mattresses and toppers so you can be as confident as possible in your choice. 

Our Gel Bed Toppers Will Get You Free of Back Pain

If your current mattress or topper is causing you back-pain, our Calgary mattress store has the solution for you. At Igel Bed Co, our IntelliBED® mattresses and gel toppers have been scientifically proven to alleviate pressure and lessen the impact of back pain. To try our products risk-free for 120 days, contact us by calling 1-833-252-4146 or fill in our online contact form.


Q: Will my sleep really improve with a mattress topper?

Most often, mattress toppers are effective at improving sleep quality and duration. However, if your base mattress is too worn down, the right topper may prove ineffective at overcoming the mattress's deficiencies.

Q: Does my topper type matter depending on my sleeping position?

Absolutely. Depending on how you sleep, the type, material, size, and various other factors will impact your sleep quality. Contact us for your free sleep consultation today!

Q: How long do mattress toppers last?

Depending on the type, quality, and how well you take care of your topper, it can last between 2-5 years. Our high-quality iGel mattress toppers are built with materials that have been designed to last for as long as any other mattress toppers on the market.

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