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The IntelliBED® Story

In the early 1990s, a group of Calgary entrepreneurs got together to find the world’s perfect mattress. Their search spanned many continents and culiminated in a bed education that rivalled any sleep expert's. The result: IntelliBed® - The most comfortable and durable mattress available.

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In the early 90s, a group of Canadian entrepreneurs began searching for the world’s perfect mattress. To their disappointment, they found that most of the mattress and sleep industry was flawed, and the vast majority of the products available were using antiquated technology which produced antiquated results.

R&D Discovery

The group spent years researching and testing new products. Through their research, they concluded that the human body required a set of fundamental criteria that could not be compromised if optimum ‘sleep wellness’ was to be achieved. The criteria included the following:

1. Horizontal alignment of the spine
2. Bio mechanical support for the muscles that hold the spine
3. Pressure relief of the soft tissue and nerves that relate to comfort
4. Temperature equalization & tactile comfort
5. Sound and light regulation

There was only one product that could perform the first 4 criteria. It was called the IntelliBED®, and at the time, there was no appetite for such a complicated product in the mattress industry. However, the group recognized the brilliance and value of the product, and in 2004 they took a bold risk and opened Canada’s first IntelliBED® retail store.

Armed with knowledge, experience, and passion, the group brought the revolutionary technology to Canadian sleepers and for the past 16 years, they have brought over twenty thousand IntelliBED®s to Canadian households. They remain Canada’s first and foremost experts when it comes to IntelliBED® and the Gel Matrixâ„¢ technology.

The original Intelli-Gel mattress out performs all other North American built mattresses for comfort, support, safety and durability.

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