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Our Science - The Gel Matrix™ Layer

Gel Matrix™ : A Breakthrough in Sleep Science

Inside every IntelliBED® mattress lies the most sophisticated technology in the mattress industry: our Gel Matrix™ layer.

Designed by researchers and sleep scientists, medical-grade Gel Matrix™ is built to provide support AND comfort in equal measure. Although three times firmer than the average foam mattress, the cushioning technology remains soft and relieves pressure better than any other mattress in existence.

Our Science - The Gel Matrix™ Layer

Our Gel Matrix™ is constructed as a layer of gel columns arranged in a grid (just like a flexible ice-cube tray). The columns are designed to give way in places of concentrated pressure, like the hips and shoulders, and stay upright to support larger areas like the back and legs. This design ensures you get the right amount of support where needed, and softness where wanted.

All our models contain the Gel Matrix™, which increases comfort on the shoulders and hips three times better than the leading comfort foams. Gel Matrix™ was created for medical-grade pressure relief for both wheelchairs and hospital beds, and is proven to be effective at both comfort and pressure point relief.

Perfecting the science of sleep isn't just a slogan that sounds good. Our in-depth sleep research is based on our exclusive rights to the Gel Matrix™ Patent and includes years of data. See why the intelliBED® is the best mattress ever created.

Gel Matrix™ vs. Other Gel Mattress Materials

Gel Matrix™ is what makes the intelliBED® so effective. Other gel mattresses combine gel and substandard foam to produce a lower-quality mattress that degrades faster over time. Not only will you sleep tight thanks to our formula, but you'll be at ease knowing you've got the best mattress on the market.

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