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Comfort, Support and Pressure Point Relief

Pressure Point Relief

Many of us understand the importance of good posture when upright, but posture is equally as important when we are lying down. The mechanics of our body demand a surface that is both comfortable AND supportive - even in sleep.

Get rid of uncomfortable pressure points on the important areas of your body, and receive nothing but support and comfort with IntelliBED.

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What Are Pressure Points?

When we sleep, our entire body is in contact with a surface for an extended period of time. This causes the body’s sleep pressure points, mainly hips, shoulders, and knees, to become compressed. This continual pressing eventually cuts off the circulation to these pressure points, which causes tossing and turning, resulting in misalignment, body pain and a terrible night's sleep.

What Can Happen Over Time?

When your pressure points aren’t continually supported for long periods of time, this misalignment and body pain can evolve into bigger issues. Not only can chronic sleep disorders develop, but various conditions and diseases can arise from years of sleeping on a bad mattress.

Therapeutic Comfort and Support

A revolutionary combination of plush comfort and sturdy support, the IntelliBED® was specifically designed to make sleep the best, most luxurious part of your day.


The lower back is most often the heaviest part of a person’s body, so proper hip support is essential to prevent lower back pain. Traditional mattresses cradle your body and are often too soft to provide adequate support. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm will cause pain on pressure points, leading to chronic hip, back, and shoulder pain.


Not only are IntelliBed® mattresses created with ultimate therapeutic support in mind, but they are also simply the most comfortable mattresses you will ever encounter. Some mattresses will initially feel comfortable, but over time you will start to experience the pain and discomfort that comes with a low-grade foam and an overall inferior product. This won't happen with an IntelliBed® mattress. 

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How can IntelliBED® Help?

Compared to traditional mattresses that use low-quality foam, IntelliBED® uses cutting-edge Gel Matrix™ technology. Three times firmer than the average foam mattress, Gel Matrix™ cushioning technology remains soft and relieves pressure points better than any other mattress. In fact, IntelliBED® is designed for ultimate pressure point relief and provides 80% better pressure relief compared to a traditional mattress.

The therapeutic Gel Matrix™ technology provides a non-toxic and firm back-supporting mattress, alongside the comfort of a soft, cushiony, and pressure-relieving bed. Unlike other mattresses, IntelliBED®’s comfort level will never waver - you will have a luxurious, tranquil, pain-free sleep every single night.

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