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Gel Matrix™ vs Memory Foam

Gel Matrix™  vs. Memory Foam 

Mattress technology has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. From innersprings to waterbeds, to memory foams and gel, the mattress industry has invented and reinvented, striving to find the perfect combination of comfort and support.

The search is over. We have found the perfect combination of hard support and soft comfort in IntelliBED® and the Gel Matrix™ Layer.

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Innerspring Technology

For many years, the only option available to consumers was the innerspring mattress. Made up of metal coils, this mattress offered a readily-available, new option to consumers. Because of the spring technology, this mattress was comfortable, but often far from supportive. Although innerspring technology has come a long way in terms of comfort and support, with manufacturers adding additional comfort such as foam and latex, the technology is far from perfect and may still have a number of negative effects. 

The Advent of Memory Foam

Invented by Nasa in the 1970s, mattress manufacturers looked to memory foam to add another option to the mattress industry. Memory foam was new and exciting: it conformed to a person's body and had almost no motion transfer. Not only was it used in great numbers due to its cheap cost and lightweight properties, the bed industry touted its remarkable benefits and downplayed its negative effects, such as: 

  • Foam Compression. The heat from our body activates the memory foam cells, resulting in a collapse in pressure and support
  • High Body Temperature. Not only does heat activate foam compression, but it also results in escalated body temperature, which robs the body of active sleep
  • Less Durability. Memory foam breaks down by 25% in the first two years of use. 
  • Substandard Guarantee. Because the materials in memory foam break down quickly, most manufacturers offer a substandard 10-year warranty 
  • Toxic Materials. Because mattresses are legally obliged to be water-resistant, Memory Foam is treated with toxic chemicals such as glue, Propylene Oxide and TDI.
  • Offgassing. Memory Foam is flammable and therefore drenched in harmful flame-retardant petrochemicals which release harmful fumes in a process called off-gassing.

Memory Foam was aggressively marketed to consumers and as a result, has been very popular in the bed industry. Until Now.

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IntelliBED® And Gel Matrix™  Technology

The IntelliBED® has found a way to incorporate both hard and soft properties: pressure point stability and support, coupled with lightweight comfort and durability. It's simply the only mattress you'll ever want or need.

  • Our Science: Gel Matrix Technology. Revolutionizing the mattress industry, our medical-grade cushioning technology provides the ultimate support and comfort. 
  • Cooling Technology. Up to 30% cooler than heat-activating foam materials.
  • 20 Year Guarantee. Our product does not break down and we back it up with a 20-year industry-leading guarantee 
  • Allergen Free. Gel Matrix™  is anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and contains no glue or anti-retardant materials. No off-gassing occurs.
  • Pressure Point Relief. Provides comfort on the shoulders and hips 3 times better than the average memory foam mattress
  • Motion Isolation. No compromising with your partner - you both get a perfect night's sleep.

Not only is IntelliBed® created with ultimate therapeutic support in mind, it is simply the most comfortable mattress you will ever encounter. Some mattresses can initially feel comfortable, but over time you start to experience the pain and discomfort that comes with a low-grade foam and an overall inferior product.

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