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Motion Isolation


Motion Isolation

Sharing a bed can be a challenge, especially if you are a light sleeper. Every time your partner moves or turns over, you may feel it. The result is an interrupted sleep, which will inevitably lead to tiredness and unproductivity.

Not anymore. IGEL Bed Co. has found the ideal mattress so you don't have to compromise. You get a perfect night's sleep and so does your partner. Get the perfect combination of hard support and soft comfort with the IntelliBED® mattress and its Gel Matrix™ Layer.

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No Compromise

With IntelliBED®, there is no transfer of motion. Our Gel Matrix™ technology works to allow two different people, with differing heights and weights, to enjoy a perfect night’s sleep on the same surface. If you want a soft mattress and your partner prefers a harder surface, you no longer have to compromise! With the IntelliBed mattress, you'll both be comfortable, supported, and ready for the best sleep of your life. 

IntelliBED® Technology

Our Gel Matrix™ is made up of gel columns arranged in a grid - just like a flexible ice-cube tray. These columns are designed to give way in places of concentrated pressure, like the hips and shoulders, and stay upright to support larger areas like the back and legs. Because of this, there is absolutely no motion transfer, and your sleep will not be disturbed by the movement of your partner.

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