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Sustainable Durability

Sustainable Durability

IntelliBed® incorporates the patented Gel Matrix™ technology, an advanced cushioning material that doesn't compress or breakdown over time like a foam mattress. It is designed to be durable throughout the 20-year warranty, as compared with 10 year warranties from most other manufacturers. 

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Mattress Durability Testing

Before any mattress is put to market, it goes through rounds of vigorous industry testing. As you can guess, not every material holds up and only a slight few end up available on the sales floor. 

Leggett & Platt, a leading supplier of mattress materials, conducted rollator testing, a test where a 6-sided roller, weighing 230 pounds, rolls back and forth over a mattress 200,000+ times, simulating the amount of wear that will occur as the mattress is slept on. Its findings are based on a rate of change percentage: how much the mattress changes during the test. Their findings are summarized as follows: 

  • Poly chemical foam - 49% rate of change
  • Memory foam - 17% rate of change
  • Latex - 23% rate of change
  • Foamed Gels -14% rate of change

The IntelliBED® mattress showed a mere 4% change during the entire test process, making it by far the most durable mattress material used today. 

At IGEL Bed Co., we know that a mattress is only as good as the materials it is made with. So that's why, unlike typical memory foam mattresses that break down by 25% in the first two years, IntelliBED® mattresses last BEYOND their warranty period - even up to 30 years. 

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Durability = Smaller Carbon Footprint

Typical memory foam mattresses are replaced on average every 8-10 years. That translates to an astounding number of mattresses in landfills around the globe.

When you have a mattress that is made of quality materials, that gives you the perfect balance of support and comfort, and truly lasts up to 20-30 years, you are committing to sustainability and responsible green living, and making a commitment to decreasing your carbon footprint.

Durability + Smaller Carbon Footprint = The IntelliBED® Mattress

Originally developed for use as a medical-grade mattress, the IntelliBED® is designed for those looking for extra care, comfort and support. The therapeutic Gel Matrix™ technology provides a non-toxic and a firm back-supporting mattress alongside the comfort of a soft, cushiony, and pressure-relieving bed.

Unlike other mattresses, IntelliBED®’s comfort level will never waver - you will have a luxurious, tranquil, pain-free sleep experience every single night.

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